9 May 2017

Recommended date spots in Tokyo 💗 First date

Hello there !
It is now the season of shining tender green in Japan .
Today let me introduce some restaurants for the first date in Tokyo which are recommended by our
Japanese dating master, Saya !!!
She not only recommended restaurants but also provided some useful tips for the first date. Gentlemen, please take note!
Recommended restaurants for the first date
Usually couple will suggest going for dinner during the first date. The selection of a restaurant is very important !
To continue to the second date, there are many points that men have to consider... selection for place, attitude/manner at the restaurants..
Some ladies have expressed their disappointment during the first date and as a result reject to date the man again..
 First, what type of restaurant should the man select ??
Saya recommends the restaurant“Not too gorgeous and also not too casual” The same when selecting for a gift .
It’s not advisable to select a 3 star restaurant nor a family style restaurant, but “the restaurant of proper price and good atmosphere”.
These are the highly recommended restaurants in Tokyo.
Hemel Miyamasuヘイメル ミヤマス(Shibuya
It is famous for Craft beer. Appetiser like Ham tastes very good ! Not only raw crafts beer but there are many selection of imported beers and wines. You can talk about beers with your date if you like it.

Parentesiパーレンテッシ(Ikejiri Ohashi
The best pizza restaurant in Japan to me! The chef is particular about the selection of food, wine.. and that why the pizza is so tasty ! The waiters will recommend Today’s specials menu and they are quite a great choice !
Potsura Potsuraぽつらぽつら(Shibuya
Going to a fashionable Japanese restaurant for the first date is the best idea!
Slide into a seat at the chef’s counter, you will be able to see the chef’s amazing cooking. Beautiful presentation leads to a more enjoyable meal. I’m sure you definitely will be satisfied with all aspects. Japanese sake is served in a beautiful wine glass. How romantic !
Numero Cinqヌメロサンク(Kagurazaka
This is a campagne bar where customers can “cocoon” themselves in delicious wine. You can enjoy champagne in a casual way, but good atmosphere. Caramelised Foie gras paste tastes..... so wonderful ! There are many exotic selection of food that coordinated well with wines.
Shoutaien正泰苑(Ginza / Daimonhttps://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1314/A131401/13005213/ https://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1301/A130101/13016578/
To eat Yakiniku BBQ, this is the best for the first date ! If you prefer beef roast, you’d better to order when you book the restaurant. It’s quite recommended ! Even BBQ, good for the first date as it’s trendy and without smoke.
There are many table seats in Daimon branch, while there are many counter seats in Ginza branch.
[!]Check point[!]
1. Ask your date’s preference
How about talk about the preference of food or alcohol when you meet her for the first time, then, invite her you said you like ○○○, I know a good restaurant.. ?
Always be thoughtful and ask “What kind of food do you prefer ? Anything that you don’t like ?”
when you invite her for dinner ?
2. Suggest the choices
 If she answers “anything” when you asks her preference, please suggest some restaurants.
same way when order the menues
You’d better to tell her why you chose this restaurant. “I wanted to go to this restaurant as my friend suggested before”, “I went this restaurant before and it tastes very good
3. Making Seat Reservation
Guess what ! If you cannot be seated because no reservation... ! Please reserve the seats !
 4. We suggest gentlemen to pick the tab up for meal
No one (at least No Japanese ladies ) like けち“stingy men. Stingy does not mean poor 貧乏”.
If you can read Japanese, please read this column in Japanese. https://www.expertwist.com/category/love/2196/
Why the man has to pay ??
You have chance to approach to the lady you like in a date! Especially for the first date... !
For Omiai (matchmaking date facing to marriage), we request male members to pay for food and drink.
And we suggest female members not to forget to say “Thank you sooo much !” to the date. This is same in the first date too. Ladies should not take it for granted. Please do not forget to say “Very nice restaurant !” “It tastes very good !” to your date.
All restaurants and bars are good for the people who does not drink alcohol too. I think many ladies enjoy the dinner with who has the same taste.
We cannot survive without eating. The man who knows good food and who enjoy eating is attractive for ladies.
Did you like today’s column written by dating master, Saya?
Hope your first date will be successful and you will meet her again in the second date !

Should you have any inquiries about dating spots, please feel free to contact Saya in Japanese. ice38cream_0208@yahoo.co.jp
Should you like to do omiai or date with the Japanese ladies, please contact Miwa. contact@marriagespr.com








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