28 Apr 2017

Recommended Date Spot in TOKYO 🌼Sakura Ohanami

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Every day is  very hot in Singapore... ^^;

Today, let me introduce some popular dating and visiting spots in Tokyo for April, recommended by Saya, Dating expert.

As you may have already known, April is very good season in Japan. I miss this season in

Japan ^^



Sakura Ohanami, Picnic Date

In Japan, April is the season for Sakura, Cherry  blossoms.

How about having a picnic date with some takeaway food in the park and to view cherry blossoms ?

In Japan, typical dating is by going for a movie, having dinner...which is similar in


But what if you invite a lady to view cherry blossoms for date ..?  Sound great, isnt it ! Japanese has always enjoy each different seasons.

In Tokyo, there are many nice parks that you cannot find in the guide book. So let me introduce you some nice parks and good shops for takeaway.



Yoyogi Koen


Guzman y Gomez(グズマンイーゴメズ)


Mexican fast food shop located in Laforet Harajuku. Burrito here is highly recommended ! You can customized it by choosing your favorite food and topping.

Good place for takeaway is Yoyogi Koen.


Mi Choripan (ミ・チョリパン) https://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1318/A131811/13151927/ Sandwich and Mi Choripan shop from Argentine.

Mi Choripan is a large size sandwich with big chorizo, topped with many vegetables. It takes some walk from Yoyogi Uehara station to Yoyogi Koen.


Shinjuku Gyoen


Wa's sandwich (ワズサンドイッチ)


Located in JR Shinjuku Station. Please go to the shop before you pass through to ticket gate/ticket barrier !

This is the Japanese sandwich shop, which is famous for "Nitamago Sandwitch" (Boiled egg sandwich).

It looks like a normal egg sandwich, but once you try it... I'm sure you will love the sauce and the unique taste !

Sandwich with mackerel (saba) and miso sauce is  recommended.


Selecting from Isetan basement food hall is also quite recommended too. You can select various food and drink from here.

You need to pay 200 yen to enter Shinjuku Gyoen. Bringing alcohol is forbidden.  As it's not noisy durin Ohanami season, good to go for date !


Komazawa Koen


Neighborhood and Coffee https://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1317/A131707/13190533/

Cafe managed by Starbucks. Offers more fashionable and higher quality than Starbucks. Ladies like the atmosphere here.

Located close to Komazawa Koen, you can walk and enjoy having coffee ♪


Along Meguro river


How about taking a walk along Meguro river ?

I advise you by taking a walk along the cherry lined tree way, and have dinner in the fashionable city, Nakameguro.

There are many fashionable restaurants, shops under the Nakameguro railroad overpass.


Please check▼


This is the one I have tried and highly recommended.

Hara Trippa Seizosho (原トリッパ製造所)


Trippa (Italian stew) restaurant.  Tasted good too. Good wine selection. Nice, friendly staff. Ladies will definitely love it here.



[!]Check point[!]


1.Tell your date before the date.

Your date may required to  walk a lot more than the usual lunch/dinner date.

It is wise to inform your date that you are going to "have a lunch at the park" "take a walk", so she is able to choose an appropriate clothing and shoes.


2.Select the good and smart looking food.

There are many fast food restaurants, but this is a Date !

Please select the choices of  food like "This shop/restaurant here serve great, tasty food", "I heard this shop is trendy", "Fashionable restaurant!", and talk about the food and the atmosphere.





Do you like my idea ?

Ohanami, Cherry blossoms season is over, however, April, May, and October is still the best season for picnic date in Japan.

 The first date may be dinner at a good restaurant, so, I suggest a casual second date like this.

You will get to know your date even more.
If  a lady has been invited for an Ohanami date, she may prepare lunch box, so, the hardle will be higher.
If a  man has been invited for an Ohanami date with casual, the lady will feel relax and accept this suggestion.





If you have any inquiries about dating spots, please contact to Saya in Japanese.  ice38cream_0208@yahoo.co.jp


If you would like to find your date in Japan, please contact Miwa. contact@marriagespr.com

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