13 Jun 2017

Gifts for the ladies whom you may start dating🎁

👱Hi there!
Today let me introduce some “gifts for ladies whom you may start dating “ which are recommended by our Japanese dating master, Saya !!!
June is the rainy season in Japan.  During rainy seasons, you can go to museum, movie for date, and how about going to Kamakura to view Hydrangea ?
It can be a  better and much more romantic  in rainy or cloudy days♪
 Today’s topic 
【gifts for the ladies whom you may start dating】
It's quite difficult to exchange a present among the men and women that isnt valentine's day, birthday and festive season.
You may therefore would  like to choose some casual present that would not seem weird to your date.
What kind of present is considered casual that your date may appreciated it
I recommended,
“If it's slightly luxury,  would i use it as i would like my special date to use it.
Then, I'll introduce goods from the store I often use specifically, too!
★Idres Fabric spray
The sprayer which puts out the smell which stuck to cloth items of clothes.
I think the package is also stylish and the fragrance also looks like an adult, and goods of the detergent brand of New York Idres ask about a taste!
★Luxury sweets
Pierre Marcolini Chololate
Laduree macaron
If she loves sweets, they are quite recommended !
The box of laduree macaron is so cute and some ladies use as a box even after she eats sweets.
★Tea of Harnye
♪ a package is pretty, and  fragrance* seem tasty
Tea of a fashionable package is found variously including horny& SUNS by Conran shop and Barneys New York.
★Lip barm of organic brand
Johnmasters organic
The daytime also uses a lip cream at any time of the year around from Shimoji in front of the lipstick, so when I have something of the brand, I'm happy!
★Tenerita Hand towel
An organic towel speciality store gentle with skin.
An organic towel speciality store gentle with skin.
★Olive oil of a fashionable bottle
[!]Check point[!]
When buying a gift for someone special, it is advisable not to buy too expensive, something of high-quality that you would buy for yourself  is recommended
2.Try to refrain from buying  gift that are considered intimate including clothes and accessories.
3. Please don’t buy  gifts that are contain too strong fragrance.
Did you like it ?
Most of the products of the brand which I introduced today is available at Shibuya Hikarie.
👱What should you select in Singapore ?
★Tea of TWG
TWG is popular among Japanese too.
For the ladies that you would like to date exclusively, I recommend the canned tea.
All can color is beautiful, but if you know her favorite color, please give her the tea in her favorite color can.

●If you have any inquiries about gifts and shops, please ask Saya in Japanese ice38cream_0208@yahoo.co.jp
●If you are looking for someone special, please contact to Suzuki. contact@marriagespr.com

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