16 Nov 2017

Matchmaking party in Australia !!

Party in Australia !

You wish to meet Japanese future life partner ?
Please join us if you are looking for seriously.
We provide Konkatu (marriage hunting) party in Sydney in December!

【Party】 Operated by the Japanese marriage agencies. Japanese female attendants are flying from Japan. A small number of attendances can mingle with one another. At the end of the party, we do pairing up with attendants. When you are pair up with a Japanese attendant, you are welcome to exchange ...contact and meet again in Sydny. If you found your desired match, all you need to do is to be our member.

【Date】 December 16 (Sat) 18:00-

【Place】 Sydney. We will inform you once we have confirmed your registration..

【Attendees】 Gentlemen who are interested in meeting their Japanese future partners! Age 32 to early 50s

【Omiai】Omiai is personal introduction facing to marriage. Konkatu party is effective as you are able to meet several ladies at one time, but not targeting your preferences.

If you would like to meet through omiai, please register with us first.

Thank you, 

Booking or Questions: contact@marriagespr.com

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