20 Nov 2017

You won't get married until you find the perfect person ?

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Please let me share the mail magazine written by dating coach Saya 👧👦

Are you holding out for the perfect person to come along to get married?
Is your ideal man handsome, sexy, a graduate of a prestigious university, an elite, has a good income? And your ideal woman a good cook, has great communication skills, gets along with your friends and family, smart, and loyal?
People like this are often already married to the people they met in their 20s.
People often say that good men and women are often married in their 20s. Therefore, when you are in your 30s, the person you are waiting to fine won't come because they are already married. In order to find a partner in your 30s, it is important to learn to compromise on points that you are willing to compromise on.
Of course you can continue to wait for Mr. Right to appear. Only if you will not regret the decision to wait for Mr. Right when you are still single and 50 years old.         
My friend introduced me to a nice man the other day. He was a handsome, 35 year old man, who was educated and had a high income job, and had many hobbies outside of work. SO why was this 35 year old still single? Because he tended to annoy the people around him.  He depended on my friend to choose the resturant and make the reservation. For someone who looks so good on paper to still be single at 35, means there's a catch somewhere. If his personality matched what he looked like on paper, he would already be married.

Every one is good at some things and bad at others. Some may be very good at their hob, with friends, or with their hobbies, and may be very bad at interacting with women.  
Of course most women want the man to take charge and choose a beautiful resturant and make a reservation for them.
But it is also important to pick up where your partner lacks.
Because there will be some things that you are bad at that your partner may be able to support you on.
You may think that your ideal partner is faultless. But in any relationship people have faults that their partner wished they didn't. So it is important to be honest with yourself on the things you can compromise on and the things that are deal breakers for you.
Remember that you also have qualities that your partner wished you didn't have or were different.
Have respect for the things your partner brings to the table, and pick up in the areas that he or she lacks.

Whether you are married or dating, couples encounter situations where they must flow and bend with their partner. So it is important not to dismiss a person on the first negative quality that you see.

Do you agree with Saya ? I hope you enjoyed reading today's topic. ❤

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