16 Jan 2018

Professional coaches help you to achieve better dates 💁💇

To help you achieve better dates and improve the chances of a successful match, our Experts provide additional services to members and Non-members.💁💇

❤Dating & Relationship Consultation 
Coaching will cover outfits and attitudes that increase the chances of making a good first impression. We also provide a "mock" meeting to prepare for the real deal. For men who want to marry a Japanese woman, a former Japanese Flight Attendant will be available for a consultation.

Step-by-Step Makeup lessons (Ladies only) 
Make-up lessons are also available. You can choose from a Singaporean or Japanese makeup artist.

Cyndelella plan ( Ladies only 
Receive the royal treatment before your big date. This plan covers your make-up, hair, nails, and eyelash extensions. Hair, Make-up, Nail, Eye blow extention

Personal Color 
Personal color is the color suits specially on you. When you put on the right color which looks good on you, it makes your skin look more translucent and healthy, you look truly marvelous. Even your eyes shine with more sparkles. A professional personal colorist finds the color which looks fantastic particularly on you, and you may impress your future partner in much better way.

Flatter my figure & Clothes Coordination 
It allows you to know what’s the best “textile” and “design” for each and one of you depends on your body frame. All of us have different amount/shape of muscle, fat and joints. It is essential to know what’s the best combination of your body frame and design/material of clothes when dressing up, since it makes you look attractive.

Personal shopping in Singapore 
Have a professional stylist work with your style and budget to find the best outfit for you. Have your personal stylist go shopping for you, while you focus on the tasks at hand that require your personal attention. All shopping services include prior arrangements and preliminary preparations.

Personal shopping in Tokyo 

We even offer a Japnese speaking Chinese stylist who can help you out on your shopping trip in Tokyo. It is a very efficient shopping method that allows you to effectively use time during your travels. The main shopping areas include Ginza, Aoyama, and Daikanyama.
Salon accompany in Tokyo (Hair salon, Gel Nail salon, Eyelash extensions, etc)

Advice for Shopping in Tokyo 

We also offer shopping advice and beauty advice through text or phone.

Interested? Talk to us today ! 

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